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Feedback Army Live: Presentation + Q&A

Last week I spoke about Feedback Army at the Startup Rockstars event in Arlington, VA. This was my first time speaking about Feedback Army in over a year, it was a lot of fun to make some points and see how folks responded to them. Here are the videos from the event.

The first video is a five-minute pitch about Feedback Army. You’ll learn what the service is (hopefully you know if you’re here), how customers use it, and what they think of it.

The second video features ten minutes of questions and answers. My favorite part is the surprise appearance of a Feedback Army reviewer / Mechanical Turk user. This definitely added spice to the event

Here are the questions fielded:

  1. Why does Feedback Army use a third-party service to recruit reviewers? (0:00)
  2. What is the target market for Feedback Army? (1:00)
  3. One nice thing about Feedback Army as a business (2:25)
  4. How does Feedback Army ensure quality of reviews? (3:00)
  5. Does Feedback Army let you pick reviewers by demographics? (4:30)
  6. How does Feedback Army recruit the reviewers? (5:45)
  7. I’m an anonymous mturker and I want to say… (6:50)
  8. Is Feedback Army for sale? (9:40)

If you want to see what Feedback Army is about live, you’ll want to peep this Q&A.

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