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How to Write Good Feedback

This blog post is meant for the Amazon Mechanical Turk workers who work on Feedback Army reviews. If you’d like to leave your own tips, drop a comment. I just spent the day responding to many of you who have had responses that were not accepted recently. I noticed some common patterns and I think [...]

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10 Web Testing Questions that Matter

I’m going to help you take your service to a new level today. We’re going to play a game. A game motivated by our users. When you visit a new site, what questions come up in your mind? How long does it take you to decide to stay or go? Visitors who are new to [...]

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The Ultimate Questions for User Testing

Web masters often ask me for good questions that will lead to ideas for improving their site. I always answer that you need to know what you want to improve. However I have at times come across The Ultimate Question and seen it used in practice on Feedback Army. Here I’d like to share it [...]

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Feedback Army Now Offers Geo-Location, Browser, and OS Info

You asked, you got it. Feedback Army now reports the operating system, browser, and location information of the worker who completed the feedback on your site. This saves you from having to ask the workers these questions and if someone reports a problem with some form or widget on your site, you know which browser/OS [...]

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Website Accessibility Tips and Testing

The beauty of the internet is that it makes information available to everyone. Well, almost everyone. Sometimes we put up unnecessary barriers that make our content unavailable to those with disabilities. Fixing this is the right thing to do and it’s the law for those doing business with the U.S. Government. More over, many of [...]

Solving Usability Arguments – Beware of Bikeshedding

One of the biggest problems working on a team is getting everyone on the same page. This post talks about bikeshedding–arguing over trivial details and how to get past it.

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Be a Good Turk Boss – Mechanical Turk Tips

Earlier I wrote about my impressions using Mechanical Turk to run the Feedback Army Usability Testing Service. Here I write about my favorite part, dealing with the workers and taking care of them. What to Pay on Mechanical Turk What you pay will affect the turn around time of responses and to some extent their [...]

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Mechanical Turk – Software API and Support

I’ve used Mechanical Turk for several projects including Feedback Army. I’m often asked for my impressions of the service and what worked for me. Here are my thoughts on the API and support behind Mechanical Turk. Software Integration I use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Java SDK to deal with the service. I’m able to do what [...]

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Feedback Army Website Usability Testing HOWTO

Any usability testing is better than no testing. And cheap usability testing is ideal for developers squeezed on time and budget. Why cheap usability testing? If its cheap, you might actually do it. Just like a writer is blind to their typos, we’re blind to the unnecessary complications in our designs. Get some testing and [...]

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