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Selling Advertising – Cold Email Do's and Don'ts

I receive quite a few direct messages from folks asking me to consider advertising with them on messages are almost always examples of poor marketing. I feel for you. If you want to get better, read this post. If you follow these tips, you’re bound to generate more good will and find some buyers. [...]

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Freelance Designers – You're Responsible for Usability Testing

Dr. Peter Meyers has a great write-up on selling usability to small businesses on I’m glad to see this conversation happening. Usability should be part of every web project. I think designers shy away from testing because they believe usability testing is too expensive.  (During an afternoon of cold calling, I had several developers [...]

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Freebies: Your Marketing and Customer Service Tool

Running a business is about having tools to make your life easier and please your current and future customers. The most useful tool I’ve created lets me give away 10 Feedback Army responses to anyone I choose. What? Yes, it’s a simple coupon system. I send anyone I like a unique URL. When they click [...]

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5 Tools to Improve Your Writing Process

Last week I wrote about how to stay motivated and keep blogging. Something I didn’t touch upon is the need to make it easier to blog. Writing a blog is tough work. Not only do you have to create good content, you also have to spice it up, and promote it. Sometimes these side tasks [...]

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How to Keep Blogging – Motivation Tips from Top Writers

I find my relationship with blogging is much like my relationship with running. Once a year I go to the running store. I’m greeted by someone with a slender build, clothes made of Thermax or DryFit, and endless enthusiasm. I try to act like I’m one with him by bringing in my old running shoes, [...]

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Six Tips for a Killer FAQ Page

An FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page is a great tool to inform your users about the issues they will likely encounter. This post explains how to create a great FAQ page.

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The Secret of Social Media

According to B.L. Ochman, there are over 15,740 folks on Twitter who list themselves as social media experts. I’m now going to write a post about social media and you should listen to me because I’m not one of those 15,740 people. What’s your impression of social media? When I think of a guru, I [...]

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Get Ideas Worth Thousands for $10 (These Guys Did It)

Recently, became a Feedback Army customer. They make a product to aid the A|B testing process and use the data you have to increase sales on your site. Great stuff. You can read more about their experience using Feedback Army over at “How a $10 investment gives website improvement ideas worth thousands“. Their post [...]

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WordPress Site Integration Made Easy

Feedback Army continues to grow and do well. It’s my privilege to serve you. Despite this growth I noticed Feedback Army’s search engine traffic is poor. I looked at some options to improve SEO and settled on a strategy of adding quality content to this site. Step 1 of this meant getting a blog up [...]

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Get the Most from Feedback Army – David's Story

This post describes David’s disappointed but hopeful first experience with Feedback Army. Don’t worry it has a happy ending too. David tries another test with more specific questions and ends up with something valuable for his team. Tips from David’s experience are presented to help you get the most out of Feedback Army.

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