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Website Reviews from United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom

November 2011 will mark three years of Feedback Army. In the three years I’ve operated this service, I’ve received consistently positive feedback about the price point and quality of the reviews. I have heard one repeated request though. Many of you have asked for the ability to get reviews from the United States or other [...]

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A little blog downtime — oops

An automatic update to WordPress 3.3 recently broke the Feedback Army blog. The new WordPress required a PHP update and refused to display any pages until I updated. One of you was kind enough to drop an anonymous note letting me know about the error. Thank you. It was resolved within about three hours after [...]

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The server broke! Ok, it’s fixed now.

Recently, Feedback Army started acting unstable. The service was going up and down like a yo-yo. I’ve finally narrowed the cause down to the metaturk feature. Metaturk is a collection of statistics about the “army” providing feedback. This data set has become a little unwieldly and loading it was causing the server to run out [...]

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Feedback Army Live: Presentation + Q&A

Last week I spoke about Feedback Army at the Startup Rockstars event in Arlington, VA. This was my first time speaking about Feedback Army in over a year, it was a lot of fun to make some points and see how folks responded to them. Here are the videos from the event. The first video [...]

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Prices Updated

I’ve updated the Feedback Army prices. Here are the new packages.

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Price Updates are Coming

Price updates are coming to Feedback Army. Here are the details.

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Feedback Army Now Offers Geo-Location, Browser, and OS Info

You asked, you got it. Feedback Army now reports the operating system, browser, and location information of the worker who completed the feedback on your site. This saves you from having to ask the workers these questions and if someone reports a problem with some form or widget on your site, you know which browser/OS [...]

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