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5 Tools to Improve Your Writing Process

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Last week I wrote about how to stay motivated and keep blogging. Something I didn’t touch upon is the need to make it easier to blog. Writing a blog is tough work. Not only do you have to create good content, you also have to spice it up, and promote it. Sometimes these side tasks add friction to the writing process.

So another secret to writing more–make it easier to write. I like to think of this as making your writing process usable for you. The more usable your writing process is, the more you’ll do it.

So what tools can make your writing process easier?

1. Post Scheduling – Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

In my earlier post I mentioned the post scheduling feature of WordPress. This makes it easy to build up a lead. I recommend you do this.

2. After the Deadline – Feel Good about Your Writing

Make sure you install a tool like After the Deadline to help with your spelling and grammar. My writing is never perfect but after I run it through AtD, I am comfortable that the obvious mistakes are gone. This is enough to make me feel safe clicking publish.

3. Full-Screen Visual Editor – Avoid Distractions

The full-screen modeĀ Full-screen mode of the WordPress visual editor helps me avoid distractions. With this turned on I feel like I’m using a word processor in my browser. It’s very nice.

4. Find Images with iFlickr – Add Spice to Your Posts

I find installing the right plugins like iflickr makes it easier to get those images in place to spice up the content of my blog posts. I used to avoid this step because it took too long. Now I include something in every post and I’m happy with the result.

5. Make an Outline – Know what Kind of Post You’re Writing

While not technically a tool, this is a good tip. You should know what kind of post you’re writing. What do I mean by this? There are different formats of blog posts that seem to attract eye balls and get the message to your readers. Know what these are, know which type you’re going to write, and make an outline. I knew I was going to write five tips when I set down to do this post. By having an outline you’re giving yourself a clear end-state for the post. Doing this will make your process easier.

What tools do you use to make the writing process easier?

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